New review of our EP by a brand new fan

It’s been some time since we’ve mentioned our EP. We recently got a great review on it from a new fan so we thought we’d remind everyone. Here’s the review (links to the EP below it):
“Great story, I was on a road trip, somewhere off the interstate in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia, looking for a gas station, when nature called. Bad nature call. Like could have written a song about this nature call. Finally found the gas station and went to take care of said Nature Call.
There on the stall wall was a Whiskey Treats round sticker. So titillating. Now, I hate to say, you got totally upstaged in this particular shitter by a Sharpie, handwritten in “The Excrementals” a punk band out of Connecticut.
True story. I checked out both and love the both! Who else finds new music in a redneck shithouse? Well, thanks for the great tunes and I can’t wait to see you in person.”
— Mike “I can’t believe I might have a shit story on a band’s web page. That is awesome.” Bianchi
If that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what would.
You can download the EP here:
We’re also on Pandora, you can start a station with any of the 6 songs. Spotify, I-Tunes, you name it!