Covers and Remixes

Here are some covers of Whiskey Treats songs by others that we’ve run across.  If you have recorded a cover or know of one, make sure you send it to us so we can add it here!

If you want to get our song stems to use in a remix, they are at the bottom of the page.


Now for the music!


The Swarthy Pirates were the first ones to do a cover that we know of.  They did a version of Hie-A-Lie, and it’s got accordion and pirate swagger:

Hatfield Beach recorded their version of Hie-A-Lie recently:

Song Stems:

You can download song stems right below, we wrote a quick message about using them:

Thank you for downloading our stems, we’re really excited to hear what you do with them.

A couple of notes:

These songs are registered with the U.S. Copyright office, and are released as All Rights Reserved, not Creative Commons. However, you are free to use these stems in music of your own creation, we simply put the following stipulations in place:

1. If you use the stems for free, you cannot charge for the finished song you use them in. If you desire to sell the music you make, please contact us at and we will work something out.

2. Please tell us where we can find your finished work so we can link to it on our site.

That’s it! Thanks!! The Whiskey Treats

Download the stems here